Studio EVA D. - London Fashion Week 2023

London Fashion Week 2023

Timeless, sustainable clothing that lasts — London Fashion Week. Today, more and more big brands and top fashion designers are saying goodbye to the classic wardrobe style and embracing a more sustainable approach.


Holland-based designer, Eva Dekker has been designing timeless and androgynous clothing for over eighteen years now, “I make clothes to cherish, and which are designed to last for years” she tells FashionUnited. “With the world still adjusting to life after Covid, my way of working is more relevant than ever”.


She started Studio EVA D. in 2005, a year after graduating from Art Academy. “I had the great desire to start my own business. Starting my own brand, was my dream from an early age”


An inclusive approach for all seasons


Studio EVA D. - Axl square BB Blue

Axl square BB Blue by Studio EVA D.

Even without a well-defined plan, Eva spent the following years steadily developing her brand into what it is today: a timeless and inclusive clothing line.


Studio EVA D is a timeless brand, meaning the fashion seasons are loose.


“I work by my own rules and at my own pace,” she says.


She continues: “When you come from the academy you think it’s supposed to work with seasonal collections, but I soon found out that I didn’t fit into the prevailing fashion system. Fashion once stole my heart precisely because of the craft and handiwork involved, but that didn’t match the volatility of fashion for me. I wanted to make beautiful clothes that retain their value, so I let go of seasonal thinking.”


Studio EVA D. strives to produce a timeless collection of neat, basic patterns using different fabrics that are designed to last and reduce harm to the environment. “It is a modular collection, all pieces can be combined endlessly. I make clothes to cherish and build a wardrobe around”.


Clothes to perfectly combine your wardrobe


Studio EVA D. - sustainable clothes for summer and spring“In addition to being timeless, the clothing is very wearable and understated,” she says.  “I don’t like decoration, every detail in my designs must have a function. The colours are generally neutral. This allows the pieces to be perfectly combined with the rest of your wardrobe.”


Styling wise the collection is genderless “I don’t want to dictate who can wear my clothes. I want to give the wearer the space to style the garment as they see fit, instead of the clothes forming the body. Gender and size are therefore subordinate. Through details and smart adjustments, everyone feels good in my clothes.”


Autumn/winter collection 2023


Studio EVA D. - Unisex Short Sleeved Shirt ‘Axl Square’ Yellow

Unisex Short Sleeved Shirt ‘Axl Square’ Yellow by Studio EVA D.

Inspired by the rich Moroccan surf culture and the country’s beautiful landscape, Eva Dekker has created a collection for Autumn/Winter 2023/24 with generous proportions and shapes that suit everybody. The unpolished collection is partly made following traditional methods using hand-woven fabrics in her own studio. Using tried and true techniques, she creates authentic clothes but with a fashion-forward twist.


This astonishing collection consists of oversized shirts, comfy pants, a jumpsuit, Kimonos and basic T-shirts. Finishing off the collection comes a selection of beautiful hand-crocheted accessories, a perfect reflection of the love that goes into the craft.


Studio EVA D. - Axl square BB Blue

Axl square BB Blue by Studio EVA D.


London Fashion Week 2023


Studio EVA D. - London Fashion Week 2023 Studio EVA D is proud to announce their winter collection will be officially presented during the much anticipated London Fashion Week in February.


At the invitation of the London Creative agency Touch LDN, Studio EVA D. is proudly one of the international labels, presenting itself in a pop-up showroom in Shoreditch, 81 Redchurch street, London.


The new collection will be presented so buyers, agents and even consumers can take a look behind the scenes at Studio EVA D’s sustainable methods, participate in various creative workshops and more importantly, shop.


Creative agency TOUCH LDN is launching a 6-day pop-up shop in Shoreditch from the 16th to the 21st of February 2023. It will host a selection of curated independent circular artists, designers & creative workshops.


Studio EVA D. - London Fashion Week 2023With Creativity + Community first, TOUCH aims to support and promote, small brands & artists by showcasing their collections and shining a light on their amazing skills and techniques.


TOUCH LDN is a creative agency specialising in footwear & accessories but also supporting the next generation of fashion designers & creators. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge to share it’s on a mission to educate & change outdated views within the industry.


The showroom is freely accessible daily from 11 am to 7 pm.


For more info or to book an appointment contact: