Studio EVA D. - How Circular Fashion is Revolutionising the Way We Dress

How Circular Fashion is Revolutionising the Way We Dress

How Circular Fashion is Revolutionising the Way We Dress. To put it plainly, the fashion industry has always been a one-way street regarding production. Using a take-make-disposemodel, it’s pretty self-explanatory, involving raw materials being gathered, transformed into products, and discarded as waste. 


So, what is circular fashion? 


Studio EVA D. - woman wearing genderless clothesWith a focus on maximising resource efficiency by designing, producing, and consuming clothing, circular fashion ultimately minimises waste.


It is currently on the way to leading consumers to a more environmentally friendly and socially conscious industry and essentially revolutionising the way we dress!









So, how does circular fashion work?


Studio EVA D. - woman wearing yellow clothes

  • Designed for durability  – Designers have been creating durable garments for various reasons. Durably designed garments last longer not simply because of the use of better materials but construction to ensure they can withstand repeated use. With reinforced seams and secure stitching, robust construction ensures that garments maintain shape and withstand everyday rigours.
  • Designed for versatility – In circular fashion, garments are designed for sustainability and circularity purposes and for a timeless and versatile look. Versatile, designed garments can be worn across different seasons and occasions. When designed with versatility in mind, they last longer, leading to more prolonged use and reducing the need for frequent replacement.
  • Using sustainable materials – By using organic, recycled fibres and other sustainable materials accompanied by responsible manufacturing, the fashion industry is ultimately reducing its environmental footprint.
  • Raising awareness – Many brands are adopting a transparent supply chain communication approach. Sustainable brands educate and encourage conscious consumerism by publishing their supplier lists and certifications.
  • Repair and resale – By establishing a “close in the loop” in how fashion products are produced, consumers are encouraged and able to keep their clothes longer. This can be achieved through clothing service apps created for repairing, altering and even sharing clothes with friends. 
  • Recycle and upcycle – It is important to understand the difference here; both are essential elements of circular fashion. Recycling means breaking down old garments to create new fibres, yarns and fabrics. Whilst upcycling involves transforming discarded items into something new.


How is circular fashion revolutionising the way we dress?


Studio EVA D. - circular fashion - man wearing genderless clothesFashion brands are waking up to how the industry is causing huge global problems. With global warming becoming an everyday reminder of the importance of conscious consumerism, circular fashion has become a powerful approach to design and production.


With the designers facing sustainability challenges, they are finding fresh ideas to design and create clothes that we, as consumers, can design and create styles that reflect our attitudes towards a greener world and even reduce our closet space!


By considering timeless, genderless designs and layering, circular fashion allows consumers to create many outfits from limited pieces. By combining various garments, colours, and textures, individuals can experiment with different styles and express their creativity through unique combinations and ensembles.


Wear what you love. Cherish it, and it lasts a long time.


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Studio EVA D. - Travelling with a Capsule Wardrobe: Sustainable Style on the Go

Travelling with a Capsule Wardrobe: Sustainable Style on the Go

Travelling with a Capsule Wardrobe: Sustainable Style on the Go. We’ve all been there, arriving at the airport check-in, dragging that oversized suitcase and praying it’s below the weight limit. You might have overpacked and now dread the embarrassment of holding up the queue of eager travellers as you at least try to distribute your luggage or end up wearing two winter coats and a pair of mittens in a cramped aeroplane. 


Well, here is how to avoid clothing overload for your next travelling adventure. 


A capsule wardrobe is a collection of items that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits, meaning that clothes are selected to be worn interchangeably, ultimately reducing the need for a large wardrobe of garments and promoting a more sustainable approach to fashion. 




Studio EVA D. - woman at the beach wearing black clothesBefore your trip, take some time to plan your outfits and create a capsule wardrobe. 


Think of practicality; where are you going? Is it hot? Is it rainy? Do you plan on sightseeing in sub-zero temperatures?


Choose timeless and versatile pieces that can be easily combined to create different looks and stick to a colour palette that can be easily mixed and matched, such as neutrals like black, white, grey, and beige.


The goal is to pack light and avoid overpacking.


Be mindful of the number of items you bring and resist the urge to throw in extra pieces “just in case.” Stick to your pre-planned wardrobe, and remember that you can always do laundry during your trip if needed.


Stick to the essentials


Studio EVA D. - woman and man at the beach wearing black clothesFocus on packing essential items that can be styled in various ways. For example,


If you are heading to the heat, pack versatile basics like a linen shirt, a black dress, a pair of shorts, and a light blazer. 


If you are flying into the frost, then think about packing a good pair of jeans, a wool sweater and a windproof jacket.


These pieces can be dressed up or down and combined with different accessories to create different outfits.







Quality Over Quantity


Studio EVA D. - man wearing genderless clothes

Unisex Caftan Mille Fleurs by STUDIO EVA D.

Investing in high-quality, durable clothing items that will last longer is important when travelling with a capsule wardrobe.


Choose well-made garments that are made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, or recycled fabrics.


Prioritise ethical and sustainable brands that align with your values and are made for the environment and climate you intend to visit.


STUDIO EVA D’s Unisex Caftan Mille Fleurs is perfect for those hot climates and great for layering on those brisk nights.


Made with flexible cotton fabric, it is a perfect, versatile item to add to your portable, sustainable capsule wardrobe.



Opt for multifunctional pieces


Studio EVA D. - woman wearing yellow clothes - Sustainable StyleChoose clothing items that serve multiple purposes. Travelling for business or a formal occasion?


Then think about packing a tailored blouse made from a sustainable material like Tercel or organic silk and pair it with natural-coloured trousers, a skirt and layer with a blazer or structured jacket.


Considering multifunctional outfits when travelling with a capsule wardrobe is an excellent way to make the most of your clothing whilst minimising your environmental impact.


For more tips on layering, check out our blog ‘How to Master the Art of Layering for Year-Round Style’ 




Pack Strategically


Studio EVA D. - woman wearing yellow clothes - Sustainable StyleWith a capsule wardrobe, the goal is to pack light and avoid overpacking. Avoid packing multiple items that serve the same purpose or have a similar style. Versatile pieces can fulfil an array of functions, ultimately reducing unnecessary bulk in your luggage. The organisation of your items can not only reduce the chances of overpacking but can help you locate specific items and keep your luggage tidy throughout your trip.


Travelling with a capsule wardrobe reduces your environmental impact and simplifies your travel experience. It lets you focus on enjoying your trip rather than stressing about what to wear. Sustainable style on the go is all about conscious choices and making the most of the clothing items you have.


It’s important to also bear in mind that luggage contributes to the weight of a plane, ultimately increasing the plane’s fuel consumption. So, by travelling with a capsule wardrobe, you are not only doing yourself a favour with minimalist style on the go but also creating a sustainable method of travel!


Wear what you love. Cherish it, and it lasts a long time.


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Studio EVA D. - How to Master the Art of Layering for Year-Round Style

How to Master the Art of Layering for Year-Round Style

How to Master the Art of Layering for Year-Round Style. Mastering the art of layering is a great way to elevate your style and create versatile looks throughout the year. Layering offers several benefits beyond just adding style to your outfits. 


Here are some advantages of incorporating layering into your wardrobe:


  • Versatility – Layering can create multiple outfits, giving you a more comprehensive range of options with your existing wardrobe. 
  • Temperature Regulation – By trapping the air between the layers, layering is a great option to keep you warm. You can then lighten the layers to stay cool and comfortable when it gets warmer.
  • Extended Wardrobe Use – Make the most of your wardrobe by reducing the need for purchasing new seasonal garments. By mixing lighter pieces with warmer layers, you can extend the usability of your items.


By mastering the art of layering, you can create dynamic and functional outfits that suit your needs and preferences.


Here’s how!


Base Layers 


Studio EVA D. - basic t-shirt with Dolman sleeves

Basic top, ‘Amy’ grey with Dolman sleeves by Studio EVA D.

To establish stability, growth, and success, one needs a foundation.


Layering requires a lightweight base layer; these could be:


  • T-shirt
  • A button-up shirt
  • Thin sweater


Remember, consider the weather. Whether you are in the Netherlands or London, Brazil, or Mexico, a base layer can provide insulation and moisture management as well as a backup piece for when things get too hot.


Check out our Basic top, ‘Amy’ grey with Dolman sleeves; this basic t-shirt with Dolman sleeves is an absolute must-have in any wardrobe. Whether you combine this top with jeans for a casual look or a pencil skirt for your business appointment, it will become one of your favourites.




Studio EVA D. - Unisex Kimono Jacket of Raw Organic Denim

Unisex Kimono Jacket of Raw Organic Denim by Studio EVA D.

You can add depth and a visual spark to your outfits by adding textures.


The goal here is a harmonious balance whilst adding richness to your outfits, making them more visually attractive and engaging.


Try adding:


  • Knits – Provides warmth and a great contrast with smoother fabrics.
  • Silk or Satin – Create a luxurious, sophisticated, and elegant feel 
  • Leather – Great for adding a sleek, edgy texture that’s great for making a statement
  • Denim – An easy texture to create a rugged look, its versatility makes it easy to combine with other fabrics.
  • Tweed – A classic and sophisticated texture that can be used for blazers or coats, a timeless choice for your outfits.


Get your own rugged texture look with our Unisex Kimono Jacket of Raw Organic Denim crafted from indestructible raw denim; this minimal jacket is cut for a relaxed, boxy fit or a tailored look.




Studio EVA D. - Kimono Coat of Black Wool

Kimono Coat of Black Wool by Studio EVA D.

Paying attention to proportions is important when layering your clothes to ensure a balanced and visually pleasing look.


Here are some tips to consider when it comes to proportions in layering:


  • Length – creates visual interest, adds dimension, and prevents layers from blending.
  • Necklines – create interest in your outfit with a collared shirt, crew neck sweater, or even a V-neck top with a blazer.
  • Order – Start with the thinnest and most form-fitting layer closest to your body, and add the bulkier layers on top. This creates a streamlined silhouette and prevents excess bulkiness.


STUDIO EVA D’s Kimono Coat of Black Wool is a great garment to add a contrasting length for a final layer. This relaxed-fit coat can be worn as a dress or an overcoat, featuring patch pockets and a removable belt.




Studio EVA D. - Art of Layering in gender-neutral fashionThe key to mastering any skill is practice and experimentation! Combine your textures, mix and match with colours, and observe what’s best for you!


Remember, layering is a process of trial and error. It’s ok when it doesn’t work. Enjoy the process, and more importantly, have fun!


Wear what you love. Cherish it, and it lasts a long time.


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