Fast fashion vs. Sustainability: What to look out for and avoid

Fast fashion vs. Sustainability: What to look out for and avoid. Trends have existed since the 14th century when people of high society used their garments to show off their wealth and societal position.


If you think about it, nothing much has changed. 


In fact, trends in fashion translate as an alteration of appearances regularly to keep up with those around us and it is happening faster now more than ever.


To keep up with the demand, many companies have opted for cheaper materials, harsher labour conditions and a greater disregard for the environment.


But why is fast fashion popular? It’s simple. Affordability. Our need for a quick fix is becoming ever more prominent in our society, and in fashion, convenience is king. But at what cost?


Here at STUDIO EVA D, we love raising awareness of the benefits of sustainable and ethical fashion, keeping you in the loop for what to look for, and what to avoid when deciding on how to update your wardrobe.


A Need For A Greener World


Studio EVA D. - A Need For A Greener WorldAccording to The Trust Cost, around 11 million tonnes of clothing is thrown out in the US alone, and 360 tonnes in the UK. Another shocking statistic to know is that the average amount of times each piece has been worn is 10, some even say wearing an outfit more than twice is considered “old”. The world is seeing a high demand for natural resources being polluted with harmful chemicals that ultimately end up in a landfill and our oceans. As with every problem, there is a desperate need for a solution.


In comes Sustainable Fashion. If you’re asking yourself, how can sustainable fashion improve the environment? Well, there are lots of reasons. Take a look at our blog on 5 Sustainable Methods Used to Create Clothes That Last, which outlines how eco-designed fashion and sustainable materials can reduce environmental devastation.


Although expensive at first, the money will go further down the line. Hence why STUDIO EVA D offers a great selection of timeless outfits that last.


Be Consumer Conscious 


Studio EVA D. - Fast fashion vs. SustainabilityFast fashion vs. Sustainability: What to look out for and avoid? We’re assuming you are here to understand the impact of the fashion industry, so you are already taking a great step toward a brighter future for us all and we thank you for it. But the work doesn’t end here. 


It’s important to think about your statement, not only with style but with the companies you buy from. 


Here are some areas you could look into when deciding on your choice of brand and style: 




Studio EVA D. - Fast fashion vs. SustainabilityThe research conducted by UNICEF is helping a greater audience understand the impact certain fashion companies are having on children’s lives due to forced labour, whilst also indicating which ones are helping bring about a more positive impact with schemes such as The Fairtrade International and the Ethical Trading Initiative. Although many companies make false claims towards their eco-friendliness, it’s important to do your research beforehand.


Another good thing to look out for is the country it was manufactured in. Countries like Bangladesh, China, India and Vietnam are the hot-spot countries for some fast fashion brands due to their cheap wages and loose labour laws.




Studio EVA D. - Fast fashion vs. Sustainability - materialsFast fashion vs. Sustainability: What to look out for and avoid? Keep an eye on the material composition of your clothes. Blends that include nylon, spandex and acrylic are synthetic, meaning the time on the landfill is longer (Some take up to 200 years to decompose!) Fast fashion uses a lot of these materials because they are cheap and durable, but their process includes the use of harmful plastics and non-renewable resources like petroleum.


Sustainable fashion companies lean toward much more natural materials which take a lot longer to manufacture. Keep an eye out for linens, organic cotton and even hemp.


At STUDIO EVA D, we offer a vast array of naturally blended and organically sourced clothing. This Airy Kaftan of Slightly Transparent Cotton is 100% cotton, meaning it’s low maintenance and supports the farmers who produce it, and it’s naturally soft, absorbent and breathable.


Constant Trend Releases and prices


Studio EVA D. - Studio EVA D. - Fast fashion vs. Sustainability

Big Tee “Leut” Beige by Studio EVA D.

It’s called fast fashion for a reason. Due to the high demand for the latest trend and the ever-changing styles replicated from the latest catwalk releases, people are looking for cheap alternatives to high fashion. 


When shopping, look out for mass collections, some companies even release new outfits within a week and a lot of those are cheap replications of clothes worn by celebrities that have blown up on social media. Notice a high discount rate? This is a big one. When mass amounts of items don’t sell, it means the brand needs to make room for the next collection or sadly end up yet again in the landfill.


Many people ask themselves, Is sustainable fashion more expensive? The answer is yes. But for good reason. With the purchasing of high-quality raw materials, higher labour wages for the workers and timeless designs that last a lot longer for a multitude of seasons, the idea is to buy less but at higher quality. Timeless design means more thought has gone into the process of creating the garment, and more outfits you can create with a lot less.


Shop Responsibly 


Studio EVA D. - sustainable brands

Big Tee “Leut” by Studio EVA D.

Fast fashion vs. Sustainability: What to look out for and avoid? Limited stock and releases of sustainable brands are also important to look out for. STUDIO EVA D has a low waste perspective, which means we make our products to order and have a longer delivery time.


Although not as convenient as many fast-fashion companies that offer rapid delivery and can be ordered to your door within days, it has a much less environmental impact.


When purchasing, be conscious of where you shop. Is it in the store? Or online? Rapid delivery options for delivery is causing huge impacts on carbon emissions. Each person that opts to buy sustainable or recycled clothes can reduce mass waste and use of natural resources.


Play The Slow Game


Studio EVA D. - sustainable brands

Unisex Shirt “Axl” Long Folklore by Studio EVA D.

Time is always against us. As we stated earlier, we are always looking for a quick fix in many aspects of our lives, and fashion is unfortunately an element of society that is causing a huge impact on our planet. 


We understand the reasons behind the high demand for items from fast-fashion brands, it even goes deeper into the understanding of human behaviour with our desire to make things easier for ourselves, especially how fashion is a big factor in where we stand in certain societies.


We value our readers taking the time to understand our message on sustainability, and you have already taken that great step into making a better world. If you want to learn more about how you can more of a difference, check out our other blogs at STUDIO EVA D.


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