Decoration vs. Functionality: How to develop a neutral-looking outfit

Decoration vs. Functionality: How to develop a neutral-looking outfit. Functionality is becoming a prominent element of the fashion market more than ever. Initially designed for working industries, the military and sports, designers are starting to understand the practical and more importantly the environmental benefits of functional clothing.


That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t consider prioritising style. At STUDIO EVA D, we specialise in wearable and understated clothing, prioritising functionality over decoration to create pieces that fit well with the rest of your wardrobe whilst still having room for self-expression.


The Focus of Decorative Fashion


Studio EVA D. - Focus of Decorative FashionAesthetics in fashion has been prioritised over more practical elements since the beginning. Its main focus is enhancing appearances as a main source of self-expression.


The use of jewellery, bold prints and high-end designs that can be seen on runways have been sold to us as the best method to express the wearer’s style and personality for years.


Stating that “The bolder the Better” is the only way to stand out from the crowd.


Of course, this is subjective and varies from person to person, but we believe times are changing.


Prioritising Practicality 


Studio EVA D. - Focus of Decorative FashionFunctional fashion, however, prioritises comfort and practicality, taking into consideration the needs of the wearer such as comfort, mobility and convenience.


Although it seems like functional fashion prioritises practicality, there is no reason why it cannot be stylish and a great method of self-expression.





The Unity of Neutral Design 


Like every art form, the elements in design unify under certain guidelines and rules. To develop a neutral-looking outfit, consider the following.


What’s the occasion?


Studio EVA D. - Blazer jacket ‘Slack’ grey pinstripe

Blazer jacket ‘Slack’ grey pinstripe by Studio EVA D.

Are you attending a formal event, or looking for something casual, maybe a bit of both? It’s good to think about what occasions you’ll be getting yourself into when developing a neutral-looking outfit.


Our Blazer jacket ‘Slack’ grey pinstripe is a perfect item to have in your wardrobe, it’s a stylish and comfy item that is a great example of how functional clothing can be versatile and worn for a wide array of occasions.


From work appointments to casual lunch with friends, this straight-cut, woollen blazer can be combined with a basic top and pants, or a smart shirt and tie.


The simpler, the better


Studio EVA D. - Genderless Pants ‘Farmer’ Worker Sand - neutral-looking outfit

Genderless Pants ‘Farmer’ Worker Sand by Studio EVA D.

When seeking out a neutral-looking outfit, the general rule is the simpler the better!


Avoid seeking out the latest trends and go for timeless classics. Stick to simple, loose-fitting silhouettes over a bigger and bolder shape. 


You can create a neutral look by starting with straight-cut trousers, like our Genderless Pants ‘Farmer’ Worker Sand. Made with indestructible workwear fabric with a relaxed fit, these beige trousers are a perfect shape and colour for any functional outfit.


Colours are Key


Studio EVA D. - Unisex Short Sleeved Shirt ‘Axl Square’ Yellow - neutral-looking outfit

Unisex Short Sleeved Shirt ‘Axl Square’ Yellow by Studio EVA D.

Neutral colours in fashion are usually black, white, grey, beige and navy. The reason is that they can all be combined and create new outfits to match your mood and season. They are certainly a safe bet.


However, it’s ok to throw in a pop of colour sometimes, just like this Unisex Short Sleeved Shirt ‘Axl Square’ Yellow. It’s the perfect colour to blend with any neutral item. Its relaxed fit and pure cotton material are a perfect blend for that sunny spring day.


Keep in mind to avoid loud colours and patterns when choosing a garment and stick to solid tones and small patterns to keep with your subtle, clean look.


Size and Fittings


Studio EVA D. - Big Tee ‘Leut’ White Velours - neutral-looking outfit

Big Tee ‘Leut’ White Velours by Studio EVA D.

When it comes to fittings, it’s important to find the right balance. To give you a clean and polished look, opt for a boxy cut that is neither too loose nor tight-fitting.


At STUDIO EVA D, we love creating relaxed fit items that suit everybody and every gender to prioritise comfortability and functionality.


Our Big Tee ‘Leut’ White Velours features wide short sleeves and is oversized, meaning it can fit an array of body shapes and sizes. Designed from the softest quality organic cotton velours, this t-shirt is a casual addition to the everyday wardrobe


Go Easy on Accessories 


Studio EVA D. - Leather shopper ‘Hempbag’ Black

Leather shopper ‘Hempbag’ Black by Studio EVA D.

Yes, we love a minimal look over a more decorative outfit, but who says we can’t have practical accessories to our neutral clothing? Opt for a simple coloured clutch purse or bag to finish off a perfect neutral look.


Our Leather shopper ‘Hempbag’ Black can carry all your essentials with you without being too big. This leather bag is the perfect length to throw over your shoulder and with its rich black colour, it can see any outfit for any occasion.


The important thing to consider when choosing your neutral-looking outfit is how you want to feel in day-to-day life. Prioritise your comfortability over what is trending, stick to clothing items that are appropriate for a variety of occasions and more importantly, choose outfits that make you feel good.


Wear what you love. Cherish it and it lasts a long time.


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