Studio EVA D. - How to Form the Ultimate Modular Wardrobe

How to Form the Ultimate Modular Wardrobe

How to Form the Ultimate Modular Wardrobe. The world of fashion has been evolving at a rapid rate since humans began to wear clothing. We spend a fortune playing catch-up with trends and the next big brand that only becomes dated with the arrival of the following season. Here at STUDIO EVA D, we believe in timeless unisex designs that are carefully constructed to form the basis of the ultimate modular wardrobe.


By Modular, we mean compatibility, functionality, quality and sustainability. It means clothing that lasts longer and items that can be mixed to create outfits to wear between seasons that you will cherish all year round. 


Colours For All Seasons


Studio EVA D. - Genderless clothes in all colours - Modular WardrobeHow to Form the Ultimate Modular Wardrobe? When thinking of a modular outfit that blends with the coming seasons, one must consider and prioritise colour, material and fitting.


Focusing on neutral tones is a great way to combine items in your collection throughout the year. 


From Winter to Summer you won’t need to worry about an overflowing wardrobe and spending ages in front of the mirror deciding what to wear. The idea is to have just the right amount of combinations, with the right options.




Studio EVA D. - Shirt ‘Axl 3/4’ Brown Corduroy - Modular Wardrobe

Shirt ‘Axl 3/4’ Brown Corduroy by Studio EVA D.

Autumn is a great time to break out the red and teal-coloured items. Maybe even a yellow to help pop out from the crowd.


In terms of materials, it’s great to go for cotton or a linen composition, but nothing beats the look and feel of soft corduroy on those gentle, brisk leaf-coated morning walks like our Shirt ‘Axl 3/4’ Brown Corduroy. This long cuffed, straight-cut, relaxed shirt comes with a waist belt so you can style it however you want, for whatever occasion.


As the days get colder, it’s a good time for the black, white and grey tones. Maybe even throw a blue in there to up the mood.


For practicality purposes, stick with velvet or wool. Our Pants ‘Heit’ of Black Wool trousers are a great, stylish option. With a variety of sizes and an elasticated waistband, it’s designed for maximum comfort.




Studio EVA D. - Unisex Shirt ‘Axl’ long folklore

Unisex Shirt ‘Axl’ long folklore by Studio EVA D.

As the days get warmer, our layers shed to welcome the sunshine. You should break out the yellow and orange, maybe even throw in a baby blue or a beige. We recommend throwing in some patterns also!


You’re going to need some lighter materials and looser fits. This striped Unisex Shirt ‘Axl’ long folklore even comes with matching trousers. Its genderless long sleeves are loose-fitting and made from traditional Dutch folklore cotton.


The beauty of modular outfits, colours and designs are that they can all be combined no matter the season.


Focus on Stability


How to Form the Ultimate Modular Wardrobe?  Like a healthy, stable diet, your wardrobe needs its essentials to survive the ever-changing temperatures and scenarios with style.




Studio EVA D. - Short ‘Heit’ BB Blue

Short ‘Heit’ BB Blue by Studio EVA D.

Starting with bottoms, it’s a good idea to have seasonal classics. Summer is perfect for a shorter length with these Short ‘Heit’ BB Blue by STUDIO EVA D. With a relaxed fit and elastic waist, it’s a practical classic for a variety of bodies because of its straight length and dropped crotch.


For winter, go for more straight-cut trousers like these Pants ‘Farmer’ Blue Worker. It’s another relaxed fit to suit everyone and is great for harsher temperatures because of its industrial worker fabric.


Like Denim? These Genderless Worker Pants ‘Farmer’ of Organic Raw Denim are suited to fit everybody, anytime. A staple in any wardrobe, these indestructible raw straight-cut denim jeans are a relaxed fit and are made with 100% organic cotton.


Button-down Shirts


Studio EVA D. - Relaxed-Fit Short Sleeved Shirt ‘Axl’

Relaxed-Fit Short Sleeved Shirt ‘Axl’ by Studio EVA D.

What’s perfect about this style is that it can be worn at any time. Go for a boxy, fitted or oversized shirt.


This Relaxed-Fit Short Sleeved Shirt ‘Axl’ is perfect because of its loose fitting, meaning it can be great for breathability in summer and for winter one can introduce layers for a more stylish way to keep warm!


Check out our selection of shirts for great all-year-round options.



Jackets and coat


Studio EVA D. - Rain cape ‘Mule’ of water-repellent cotton

Rain cape ‘Mule’ of water-repellent cotton by Studio EVA D.

STUDIO EVA D. understands the benefits of flexible, water-repellent garments for those unexpected showers and unpredictable summers. This Rain cape ‘Mule’ of water-repellent cotton is a great wind-catcher and a brilliant example of modular clothing with its option to create sleeves using press buttons.


With options in blue and beige, it’s another example of multi-seasonal fashion.


For those colder days, you can opt for this heavier Kimono Coat of Black Wool. It’s a genderless, low-waisted, relaxed-fit overcoat that can also be worn as a dress! With a removable belt and patch pockets, it’s great for those chilly days out and unwinding at home.


Outfits to Collect, Combine and Cherish


Studio EVA D. - genderless clothes for your Modular WardrobeNow that you have ideas, it’s best to start small. Think about what statement you want to show. Think about how much of a difference you want to make in the environment and how much space you can save by sticking with simple designs and colours that can easily be combined.


Wear what you love. Cherish it and it lasts a long time.


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