Studio EVA D. - Sustainable fashion influencers to follow in 2023

Sustainable fashion influencers to follow in 2023

Sustainable fashion influencers to follow in 2023. Sustainable fashion is trending right now. And it’s about time because our planet needs us to make better choices and take care of it. Everything related to fast fashion is very damaging to our environment. Fashion has had a massive impact on the planet and hasn’t been very positive, so this is where sustainable fashion comes in.  


Fast fashion is a way of producing cheap clothes using fabrics that have a negative impact on the planet. That’s why you need to know who to follow next. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about the sustainable fashion influencers you should be following this year to start living a healthier life and making a positive impact on the environment.


How fast fashion harms the planet


Fast fashion is an industry that aims to produce cheap and disposable clothing at a rapid pace. It’s known to be a major contributor to environmental problems, including:


  • Water pollution: The production of textiles for the clothing requires large quantities of water, and the fast fashion industry uses water-intensive processes. These include dyeing and finishing. This pollution contaminates rivers and streams. It can also lead to water shortages.
  • Air pollution: Textile production can also lead to air pollution due to the burning of fossil fuels to power the different clothing factories. These factories keep releasing chemicals into the air, producing respiratory and other health problems for people and animals.
  • Landfill waste: Many fast fashion end up in landfills, which is terrible news. This clothing takes years to decompose, hurting the planet for years. This contributes to the problem of waste disposal. It can also lead to toxic chemicals being released into the environment.
  • Microfiber pollution: How does this happen? When we wash our clothes, tiny pieces of fabric can be shed into the water. These microfibers end up in the ocean, which most likely harms marine life.


What can we do?


Fortunately, there are some things we can do about the harm fast fashion does to the planet. These include:


  • Buy less clothing.
  • Buy clothing that is made of sustainable materials.
  • Buy clothes that are made to last.
  • Recycling and donating old clothes instead of throwing them into the trash, where they will cause more harm to the environment.


Small changes in our purchasing habits can lead to larger environmental changes. Recall that the fashion industry is the world’s second-largest consumer of water, after agriculture. It is responsible for approximately 10% of global carbon emissions. 


In addition, most textiles end up in landfills or incinerators every year. Both are harmful to the planet.


Best sustainable fashion influencers to follow on Instagram and TikTok


How can we do things better? These influencers can let us know and lead the way to a better and wonderful world without contamination. Here are some of them:


Aja Barber (@ajabarber)


Studio EVA D. - Aja Barber (@ajabarber) - sustainable fashion influencersIn recent years, her name has stood out in the field of sustainable fashion. Aja Barber is known for her in-depth analysis of the big issues in the fashion industry. She also creates content that we can connect with.


She’s a very strong and powerful woman who is passionate about helping the environment and making a real difference. Her clothes include bright colours, sleek silhouettes and cool prints.


She’s a writer and consultant. Her work explores the intersection of sustainability and fashion.


Aja Barber does not limit herself to asking how the fashion industry works. She also focuses on issues such as racism, rights, economic inequality and feminism. If you want to delve into this wonderful world, you should follow her as soon as possible.


Aditi Mayer (@aditimayer)


Studio EVA D. - Aditi Mayer (@aditimayer)Aditi Mayer is a sustainability fashion blogger from LA. She’s also a photojournalist and a labour rights activist.


She often talks about topics such as environmental and social justice. Her work looks at fashion and culture through a vision of intersectionality and decolonisation.


Aditi had her start in 2014, almost ten years ago. Her interest in fashion began when she heard about the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory. Realising the unequal representation of people of colour in the fashion industry worldwide, she sought to understand the historical and social processes that allow the fashion industry to operate in a colonial way. This ends in the fashion industry working through exploitation, extracting labour and the natural environment.


She has mastered a super girly look through sustainable fashion and is one of Instagram’s most popular sustainable influencers.


Venetia La Manna (@venetialamanna)


Studio EVA D. - Venetia La Manna (@venetialamanna) - sustainable fashion influencerShe’s a fair fashion campaigner, podcaster and creator of the hashtag OOTD (Outfit of the Day) to help normalise wearing the clothes we already own instead of buying new ones.


She’s also the co-founder of Remember Who Made Them.


She challenges the fashion industry’s brands that harm the environment and calls out retailers or unethical practices.


Her work has been featured in WORK and ELLE.


This year, she presented a documentary called The Furniture Fix for BBC Radio 4. She was even featured in another documentary, Inside Shein.


Heidi Kaluza (@the_rogue_essentials)


Studio EVA D. - Heidi Kaluza (@the_rogue_essentials)Kaluza, from the USA, transitioned from a fast fashion influencer to an ethical and sustainable fashion influencer. She truly made a significant change with big steps.


Heidi now makes content that educates her followers about how to make a similar shift in their lives.


Her TikToks about fast fashion blew up during the pandemic, with videos challenging other fast fashion influencers.


She’s also holding fast fashion influencers accountable for contributing to the environmental damage the fashion industry keeps making.


Heidi invites everyone to stop working with brands that not only harm the planet but also work with exploitation and unfair pay to their workers.


Kathleen Elie (@consciouschic)


Studio EVA D. - Kathleen Elie (@consciouschic) - sustainable fashion influencerElie is another sustainable fashion influencer from the USA. She encourages people to be more sustainable and inclusive.


Kathleen makes fun and uplifting videos that make her followers want to join this lifestyle.


She shares her outfits and the ethical brands she uses on her social media platforms so other people can follow them and learn what to use.


Which influencer do you like the most? It’s time to make this incredible shift from fast fashion to sustainable fashion.

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