5 Sustainable Methods Used to Create Clothes That Last

5 Sustainable Methods Used to Create Clothes That Last. You may find yourself wondering, why does sustainable fashion matter? Well, according to a 2018 report from UNECE, the fashion industry can be described as an “environmental and social emergency.” Contributing between 2 and 8 percent of total global emissions, we have reached a point of necessity to make some serious changes in the way we create clothes and more importantly, how we buy them. 


‘Fast fashion’ companies consume more water than both the meat and beverage industries and the methods of dyeing, finishing and preparing cheaper materials are some of the main contributors to global pollution. This needs to stop. 


Here at STUDIO EVA D, we pride ourselves in our methods of creating a greener, more efficient world. Whilst looking great at the same time! 


In this blog, we’ve included insights into how brands are making a more sustainable approach towards fashion by creating clothes that last, and how customers can do the same.


1. Developing Sustainable Knowledge 


Studio EVA D. - people enjoying spring seasonWhat does sustainable fashion mean? If you are asking this yourself, then we can see why it is important for brands to help fashion lovers understand why they are investing more in clothes that last.


Knowledge is power, so, understanding the reason why companies are creating clothes and modular outfits is a great place to start your own journey for a more sustainable fashion sense.


Minimising the chances of the unnecessary disposal of clothes that rapidly go out of season, starts by knowing how much this attitude contributes to mass landfills, pollution and even your wardrobe space. Sustainable brands love to explain how they are doing this, meaning they are influencing their customers to make the right choices for a greener world. 


2. Sizes, Design and Materials 


Studio EVA D. - people enjoying spring seasonWhat are sustainable materials? We touched on the negative environmental impact that fashion has on our precious planet and the pollution caused by creating some of the materials used in fast fashion. For example, most polyesters are non-biodegradable, meaning it is one of the least sustainable fabrics and will end up in a landfill for years. 


Now, brands are opening their eyes to using more organic and recycled materials. Hemp and Linen are both derived from high-yielding plants with many natural wearable benefits. Although expensive, it can last a lifetime.


Having limited sizes is a great sustainable method also. STUDIO EVA D prides itself on creating boxy, genderless outfits that can be worn by everyone. This is a great way to fight global pollution by creating items designed to be worn through all seasons, all genders and all bodies.


3. Ethical Labour


Studio EVA D. - people enjoying spring seasonSustainability isn’t only obtained through the clothes themselves but through ethical manufacturing processes and codes of conduct for workers.


The fashion industry employs 75 million people worldwide, and with fast-fashion companies’ average turnaround of 15 days per garment (from design to shelf) there is increasing pressure put on supply chain workers throughout the globe, meaning more work, worse conditions and lower pay.


Sustainable brands take their time, pay their employees fairly, give them a much safer/ethical environment to work in and condemn child labour. Taking time to create brilliant clothing that lasts means more work, more money and more love.


4. A Limited, Selective Stock


Studio EVA D. - people enjoying spring season - Create ClothesWith fast fashion’s quick turnaround, more and more products are becoming obsolete due to the rapid evolution of trends and the use of non-recyclable materials. This means almost 33% of used materials will end up there.


Having clothing that is made to order is an important way of reducing waste for the consumer and the company, saving labour time and storage space, conserving materials and increasing the capacity of your wardrobe.


At STUDIO EVA D, we take on only what our beloved customers order. Having little stock is the way forward to achieve a low-waste outcome and with every item being made to the desired specifications, we take time and care to get it to your door. Clothes that can be combined easily for all seasons mean limited options, and limitless possibilities.


5. Low Carbon Transportation


Studio EVA D. - people enjoying spring season - Create ClothesIt’s near enough impossible for clothing to be sourced, created and sold all in the same place. So, it’s important to understand where your product and materials are coming from. Sustainable brands tend to specify their material supplier and where it’s made. With all this considered, it still needs to travel the globe in order to be created and sent to your door.


So how can we still shop sustainably? With patience. Avoid using options for fast delivery, meaning these items will be delivered by plane, that’s fifteen times more carbon emissions than a ship, which is the cheapest and most carbon-efficient method. 


In short, sustainable fashion is slow fashion, quite the opposite of mainstream clothing we see flooding onto popular city high streets day in and day out. 


At STUDIO EVA D. We work by our own rules and our own pace to create clothes to love and cherish for a long time.


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