Dressing for Success/ Tips and Tricks for Gender-Neutral interview attire

Dressing for Success/ Tips and Tricks for Gender-Neutral interview attire. Here at STUDIO EVA D, we know that first impressions count. Whether in a casual or professional setting, we’re here to help.


Wearing the right clothes for an interview is an excellent opportunity to show your care and attention to detail, boosts your confidence and leave a lasting impression on the interviewer.


For a timeless and gender-neutral look for your upcoming interview, STUDIO EVA D offers critical insights on how to dress for success in a way that helps you break out from the usual gender norms in the workplace and reach for success!


Do your research


There are lots to consider before attending an interview. Websites are excellent places to check the attire expected at the company or industry you are interviewing for. If there are images of any employees, look at their outfits and work from there.


Outfits vary from industry to industry:


Technology companies 


Studio EVA D. - gender neutral blazer jacket

Blazer Jacket ‘Slack’ black pinstripe by Studio EVA D.

Generally, many technology companies have a more casual dress code than traditional corporate offices, so you might want to try experimenting with the following:


  • Clean, well-fitted jeans (A solid neutral colour with no tears)
  • Button-down shirt or blouse
  • Comfortable shoes


However, this casual atmosphere shouldn’t deter you from standing out professionally, so why not opt for a smart blazer like our ‘Slack’ black pinstripe?


With its classy straight cut, it’s perfect to combine with a smart shirt and trousers.


Restaurant positions


Studio EVA D. - Pants ‘Heit’ of Black Wool

Pants ‘Heit’ of Black Wool by Studio EVA D.

When thinking of interviewing for a job in a restaurant position, it’s good to dress in a way that is practical. Consider the style and atmosphere of the restaurant you are applying to, and try to dress in a way that aligns with their brand and culture and with what your position might be.


  • Black shoes
  • Button-down top or polo shirt
  • Clean, comfortable trousers or khakis


Although we wouldn’t wear them for the work itself, these Pants ‘Heit’ of Black Wool are a great option for looking smart and, more importantly, feeling comfortable. With their ankle-length tapered legs and dropped crotch, various bodies can wear these pants.


Executive roles


Studio EVA D. - Leather shopper ‘Hempbag’ Black

Leather shopper ‘Hempbag’ Black by Studio EVA D.

Compared to the previously mentioned industries and positions, this is undoubtedly NOT a time to turn up in a casual outfit.


By representing a high-end position in a company, you must appear professional, polished and sophisticated. 


Consider the following:


  • A well-tailored suit
  • Neat dress trousers
  • Dress shoes


Whilst considering professionalism a top priority, one must choose an outfit that gives you confidence, comfort and a small amount of personable expression to show your future employer.


 Our Leather shopper ‘Hempbag’ Black is a great minimalist classic of high-quality supple leather and a great practical accessory.


Stick to neutral colours


Studio EVA D. - gender-neutral interview attireColours are indeed essential to consider when picking your gender-neutral interview attire.


Although we established how different industries have different dress codes, colours are an aspect of an outfit that covers a broad spectrum of professionalism and can be a rule that stays with you throughout your professional life.


  • Black: Known to exude confidence and power, it’s the safest tone to choose for either a blazer or trousers. Perfect for high-end positions.
  • Grey: A great versatile colour due to its range from dark to light and is known for expressing sophistication. It’s a neutral colour that can make you look powerful but approachable.
  • Beige: Wearing beige is an excellent way to stand out without being too distracting. Not only does it boast versatility, but it can also give off a brilliant first impression.
  • White: A clean, crisp white garment is perfect for showing you are organised and even detail-orientated. A simple bright white button-up can make or break any interview for any position.


Consider the size and style


Studio EVA D. - Dustcoat Black Wool Midi - Gender-Neutral interview attire

Dustcoat Black Wool Midi by Studio EVA D.

When picking your gender/neutral interview outfit, it’s essential to consider the fit and style. This not only enhances your professional appearance but also makes you feel comfortable and confident.


A tailored suit screams professionalism. Why? Well, it’s not only a classic and timeless option for any professional setting, but it also emphasises the wearer’s body in a way that creates a flattering and confident appearance. 


Consider this when choosing your garments. Are they boxy and loose fit? Are they too tight and restricting? 


At STUDIO EVA D, we love loosely fitted garments that suit an array of body types, but we also value straight-cut clothes designed to follow the natural lines of the body without clinging too tightly. Our Dustcoat Black Wool Midi has long straight sleeves, a lapel collar, two patch pockets and a fabric belt. This great versatile garment can add elegance to any formal attire.


Here at STUDIO EVA D, we value inclusivity and aim to avoid gender biases and stereotypes. This approach is making its way into more and more professional settings as workplaces become more diverse and inclusive, thus respecting the needs of the employees.


Wear what you love. Cherish it, and it lasts a long time.


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