STUDIO EVA D. - Winter Collection '23 by STUDIO EVA D.

Winter Collection ’23 by Studio EVA D. has many surprising elements

Winter Collection ’23 BY Studio EVA D. has many surprising elements. 2023 will be a year with high ambitions for Studio EVA D. The application of new fabrics and materials, the use of surprising sources of inspiration, participation in the upcoming London Fashion Week, and the search for waste-derived materials and ink come together in the winter collection 2023/24, which Eva Dekker is currently putting the finishing touches to. 


The basis of the studio’s pieces remains unchanged: unisex clothing for those who love convenience, comfort, and recognisability, made from sustainable fabrics and materials.


For the upcoming winter collection, Eva was inspired by her trip to Morocco last autumn. Eva: The Moroccan atmosphere, people, and surf culture turned out to fit seamlessly with my ideas of comfort and portability.’


Surfing and winter clothes? ‘Indeed,’ says Eva, ‘not only is there plenty of surfing even in our country under winter conditions, but the clothing that surfers put on afterwards to warm up the body again has characteristics that are an extension of the clothing we offer: generous dimensions, easy to put on or to hit and the use of natural materials that retain body heat well.’




STUDIO EVA D. - Sustainable winter collectionFor the first time, the timeless and sustainable winter collection is partly made of hand-woven fabrics made in our own studio. ‘It couldn’t be more traditional and sustainable,’ says Eva proudly. The link with the surf culture is such that Eva incorporates technical fabrics in the collection.


The use of colour is lighter than in the previous winter collections. Here, the setting Moroccan sun makes itself felt. Combined with the basic collection’s brown, blue, and black, a lighter but subdued colour palette is created.


On the garments, we see traditional patterns of the Cushma from the Amazon region.


The collection consists of oversized shirts, comfy trousers with drawstring closures, jumpsuits, and basic T-shirts. The outfits can be completed with accessories such as a bag, cap, or hand-woven scarf – designed and manufactured in our own studio. Crochet pieces, such as a top, will also be added for the first time. And, of course, the new pieces can be easily combined with items from the basic collection.


As usual, Studio EVA D. honours its idiosyncratic dimensions. No piece of the collection is too big or too small. The sizes are indicated in the numbers 1 to 4. It is up to the wearer to determine what wearing comfort they want, from tight to nice and spacious.




STUDIO EVA D. - Sustainable winter collectionThe winter collection 23/24 will be officially presented during the upcoming London Fashion Week in February.


At the invitation of the London creative agency Touch, Studio EVA D. is one of the international labels presenting itself in a pop-up showroom in Shoreditch. Design boutiques go hand-in-hand with trendy gastro pubs and restaurants in this area. Here Eva shows her works and holds various presentations and workshops.


Fashion week has become a hotspot par excellence for everyone involved in the fashion industry. Consumers are also welcome and can make their choice in the stock sale.




STUDIO EVA D. - Sustainable winter collectionIn 2023, Eva Dekker will further develop her core value of sustainability. The designer herself has been a barista in the world of coffee for many years. This prompted her to ask whether there are useful applications for coffee waste. ‘Together with several partners, we are currently investigating what coffee grounds can mean for the fashion industry. It is known that you can make paint and ink from coffee waste. The question is, what else can be made of it to make the industry more sustainable?


Also, in the context of sustainability, Studio EVA D. will start a repair service in 2023. Eva: ‘Our clothing already has a long lifespan. With a repair service, we can extend the life of the garments.’


The service will be offered free of charge to Studio EVA D. customers to underline the collection’s sustainability claim.


Curious? Contact us! We would like to welcome you to our showroom.

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